• 17 Nov 2008
  • Posted by pamela

Carmela is beautiful. She’s calm. She knows her poses from watching plenty of ANTM (America’s Next Top Model). She’s the perfect client because she knows how to give me her eyes exactly the way I want them.

I had an amazing time in an amazing studio with Carmela, and after her Fiance sees her photos he won’t know what hit him!

Carmela, you are going to be a GORGEOUS bride!

If you’re thinking about a Boudoir session but don’t have a location you feel comfy in, can’t get seem to find the time to lock everyone out of your home, or had something themed or involving the use of props in mind, consider renting a studio!

I LOVE working with natural lighting, but I enjoy working in the studio too because of the freedom to modify the light without making my client work too hard. In our case, yesterday half of California was on fire and the air was just terrible! Lucky for us, we were able to carry on with our scheduled session!

I hope all of you are safe this evening. My heart goes out to anyone in harms way due to these terrible fires!


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  1. be11agirl Says:

    Carmela you are truly beautiful and your FI is really going to die when he sees these! Great work Pamela! The lighting was awesome and you did a great job of capturing this stunning bride to be!

  2. tahoebound2009 Says:

    Great photography and a fierce model. I love the guitar pics and the lighting is perfect!

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